2016-2017 Mississippi School Grants Recipients Announced

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Created on Friday, 17 February 2017 Written by Mark Williams

Jackson, MS – The Mississippi Recycling Coalition (MRC) is pleased to announce the award of five Mississippi School Recycling Grants for the 2016-2017 School Year to schools in Batesville, Guntown, New Albany, Philadelphia, and Lauderdale County, Mississippi. These grants are offered to all public and private schools teaching grade K-12 students in the State of Mississippi. The awards include a $500 or $1,000 cash award and a complimentary 1-year membership to the Coalition for each school. A panel of MRC members evaluated each school grant application received based on the reuse, recycling, and composting components of the program; the amount of student leadership and student participation in the recycling program; the emphasis on educating students on the benefits of recycling; and the community involvement, participation, and outreach components of the program. Other components considered included the creativity of the program, technical design of the program, sustainability of the program, and maximization of resources within the program.

MRC is pleased to announce school recycling grant awards this year to five deserving schools in the State. The schools receiving grant awards from MRC are as follows:

  • Batesville Junior High School in Batesville, MS is awarded a grant to expand the current recycling program at the school. The school plans to use the grant funds to purchase additional recycling bins to be used in the classrooms and bins to be used to collect special materials. In addition, the school will use some of the funds for supplies to help make the collection of recyclables cleaner, easier, and more efficient including can liners, labels for bins, and other items. The school plans to continue the collection of aluminum cans, plastics, and paper and will begin collecting batteries, glue sticks, pencils, pens, and markers for recycling.

  • Guntown Middle School in Guntown, MS is awarded a grant to start a new school recycling program. The grant funds will be used primarily to purchase recycling bins which will be distributed across the campus. The school will use the remaining funds on supplies such as bin liners and other materials used to promote the recycling program and educate students and faculty on the benefits of recycling. The school plans to collect aluminum cans, plastics, paper, and paper goods. The school district will also contribute to the new recycling program at Guntown Middle School by providing transportation and personnel to haul recyclables to the recycling facility in nearby Tupelo.

  • New Albany Elementary School in New Albany, MS is awarded a grant to assist with their new “Recycling Wednesdays” program for which students and faculty are encouraged to bring recyclables from home to place in the school’s recycling bins. The school intends to purchase a large collection bin to allow for more materials to be collected and stored prior to pick up. In addition, the Town of New Albany has agreed to partner with the school on the new recycling program by picking up and transporting recyclables collected in the new bin to the recycling facility in nearby Tupelo. The school plans to continue collecting plastics, paper, and paper goods and hopes to expand the program to offering recycling on additional days of the week.

  • Philadelphia Elementary School in Philadelphia, MS is awarded a grant for a new composting program. The grant funds will be used to purchase items needed to collect, transport, and process compostable materials into compost to be used in the school garden. In addition, some funds will be used to help educate and promote the composting program and home composting to students, faculty, and the community. The school plans to compost food wastes from the cafeteria.

  • Southeast Lauderdale High School in Meridian, MS is awarded a grant for a new reuse project. The grant funds will be used to purchase and install a bottle filling station in a central location at the school to be used by students, faculty, and staff. Additional installation costs will be covered by the Student Council and the Lauderdale County School District. The goal of this project is to decrease the number of plastic bottles being thrown away and to promote and educate the community on the importance of waste reduction, reuse, and recycling.

The MRC congratulates these schools on their fine efforts to start and expand recycling on their campuses and in their communities. We are excited to see the interest in growing recycling in our state. The Coalition looks forward to following the progress of each of these schools during the remainder of this school year and into the next. The MRC invites other interested schools to apply for the school recycling grants in the next school year. Typically, applications for the Mississippi School Recycling Grants are solicited and accepted in the Fall of each school year. Interested educators and staff may follow the announcements on the MRC web site to determine the next round of grant awards at: https://www.msrecycles.org/ or through our social media outlets.

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