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Recycle One - Pike County

Category: Recycling Spotlight
Created on Tuesday, 15 July 2014 Written by MRC Webmaster


The beauty of Pike County depends on all of us to create a healthier and safer environment. We must take pride in our community by supporting the efforts of recycling to reduce solid waste in our homes, schools, churches, businesses and hospitals. The benefit to recycle will sustain our environment by preventing pollution, saving energy and money to reach our goal to go curbside by the year 2015. The time is now to take pride and connect our communities in Pike County.

It all starts with One aluminum can. One cardboard box. One plastic bottle. One newspaper. One person…you

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2013 Recycle Bowl Results

Category: Recycling Spotlight
Created on Monday, 10 February 2014 Written by MRC Webmaster

Keep America Beautiful and Nestle Waters announced the results of the 2013 Recycle Bowl on January 28, 2014. In this 3rd annual competition, more than 1,500 schools collected over 6.4 millions pounds of recyclables. The National Recycle Bowl Champion was Foothill Elementary School in Pittsburg, California which recycled 157 pounds per student. In Mississippi, the State Champion was Watkins Elementary School in Jackson, MS which recycled a total of 8,160 pounds (18.98 lbs/student). Oxford High School was the only other school in Mississippi to participate in Recycle Bowl collected a total of 5,548 pounds (5.62 lbs/student).  We asked these schools to share some suggestions to other schools looking to participate in next year's Recycle Bowl competition and below you will find their suggestions.

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Ole Miss Recycling Efforts Continue to Expand

Category: Recycling Spotlight
Created on Monday, 10 December 2012 Written by MRC Webmaster

As a record number of freshman moved into University of Mississippi residence halls in August 2012, the university collected and recycled more than 19 tons of cardboard—about 8.6 pounds per student.

A collaborative effort across campus, recycling initiatives at UM include providing recycling bins in buildings and at sporting events and even the rebuilding of broken and abandoned bicycles.

“We want recycling to become a part of everyday life,” said Anne McCauley, UM assistant director of sustainability. "Most people no longer throw trash on the ground --it would feel uncomfortable to them to litter. We want recycling to become so ingrained in daily routines the it would feel unnatural to throw a plastic bottle in the trash."

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Campus Recycling Program at Mississippi State Growing

Category: Recycling Spotlight
Created on Thursday, 30 August 2012 Written by MRC Webmaster

Mississippi State’s recycling program is growing and achieving important benchmark goals as it enters its third year, according to officials, who attribute the campuswide initiative’s success to the efforts of students, faculty and staff.

Since the summer of 2010, the university has provided comprehensive recycling on the Starkville campus, and from the very beginning simplicity has been a key component.

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Mississippians Landfill $210 Million in Recyclables Annually

Category: Recycling Spotlight
Created on Thursday, 23 August 2012 Written by Product Stewardship Institute

In 2010, Mississippians disposed of more than 3.3 million tons of material in municipal solid waste landfills — more than one ton per person. With an estimated average landfill tipping fee of $21/ton, Mississippi companies and municipalities pay over $69 million annually to dispose of our trash. Many of the common materials in the waste stream, like tin and aluminum cans, cardboard, paper, and plastic containers have good, regional recycling markets and carry commodity value for recycling programs, businesses and recycling companies.

Mississippians have a real opportunity to reduce the quantity of our waste and cash in on its value by increasing our recycling rates. In truth, a lot of what gets thrown away isn’t "trash" at all. According to calculations by the Product Stewardship Institute, if Mississippians were to recycle all of the common recyclable materials now being disposed in landfills, the sale of these materials would generate an estimated $210 million each year and create thousands of new recycling and manufacturing jobs.

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